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Asta – Cherry red corduroy


Asta is a thin practical and feminine corduroy dress. You can use it for many different occasions, for example at work, for a visit to the theatre, a walk in the forest and much more. The dress is really comfortable to wear as it is very elastic. It has lots of fine details, such as large pockets in the skirt and a small pocket on one breast. There is a small thin belt at the waist, so you can tie the dress in at the waist and mark your waist.

Measurements: Length: 100 cm from the neck and down. Sleeve length: 20-30 cm from the shoulder and down (can be adjusted in length). Material: Organic cotton. Washing and care: Hand wash or machine wash inside out at 30°C


This is how you read the size guide: The size guide shows the measures of the clothes in cm. It is very unlikely that you fit all of the measures 100% – but make sure, that the bust fits you well (there should be 1-3 cm extra fabric in the bust). Don’t be afraid to count in some extra fabric, and always make sure, that there is no measures, that you cannot fit into. In that case the clothes will be too small for you.

Size Bust Waist Hip Arm opening
Amazing 90 70-74 100 32,5
Beautiful 95 75-79 105 34
Marvelous 100 80-84 110 35,5
Lovely 105 85-89 115 37
Fantastic 110 90-94 120 38,5
Gorgeous 115 95-100 125 40
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