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Long Twist dress with sleeves – Olive

 130,65  73,70

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Long dress made of soft cotton jersey

You always need basic clothes. The kind of clothes that are easy to wash and can be used again and again and again… The Twist dress is made from cotton jersey (95% cotton, 5% elastane), which makes it very flexible. A nice everyday dress with polka dotted details and a classic Ecouture twist.

Measurements: The length is 140 cm from the neck and down. The fabric is jersey which means that the dress it quite flexible.

This is how you read the size guide: The size guide shows the measures of the clothes in cm. It is very unlikely that you fit all of the measures 100% – but make sure, that the bust fits you well (there should be 1-3 cm extra fabric in the bust). Don’t be afraid to count in some extra fabric, and always make sure, that there is no measures, that you cannot fit into. In that case the clothes will be too small for you.

Size Bust Waist Hip
Amazing 90-90 70-75 95-100
Beautiful 90-95 75-80 100-105
Marvelous 95-100 80-85 105-110
Lovely 100-105 85-90 110-115
Fantastic 105-110 90-95 115-120
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