About Ecouture

A daughter of the theatre

Ecouture’s clothes is designed and owned by Johanne Helger Lund. As the daughter of actress, Anne Marie Helger and musician, Carsten Lund, Johanne was born with performing arts and theatrical blood in her veins. Already by the age of 14, Johanne was sewing costumes. Since then, she has also worked with film and television and trained as a designer and cutter in Barcelona and Copenhagen.

Johanne calls herself a 2nd generation flower child

Ethics by Design – Organic dresses 

Johanne’s interest in sustainable and ecological design has grown steadily through the years. The textile industry pollutes heavily. Therefore, she was in no doubt when she started Ecouture by Lund – her company would produce sustainable clothing with respect for the environment.

Ecouture is hereby a glamorous fashion label that does not compromise on the environment or its own ethics. The clothes are made using good natural qualities such as organic cotton, silk, flax, hemp, bamboo, and wool. The cut and the craftsmanship are well done and well finished, and everything is produced in workshops where the work is carried out under good and legitimate circumstances, and with respect for local laws and regulations.

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Ecouture’s Universe is…

A world for the woman who dares to own the red carpet. The woman who you see on the street and think “Wow!” Ecouture’s philosophy is that if you dare to stand tall and let your inner diva shine through, confidence and great things will follow …