By pre-ordering, you ensure that you get your hands on your desired size and colour. By pre-ordering, you’re also helping us minimize overproduction, which is why we reward you with a discount. It’s a win-win situation!


It usually takes 2-3 months to produce the pre-orders. We can’t set an estimated delivery time, as we can never get a precise date from our suppliers or dressmakers. That’s why we can’t guarantee delivery at a certain date. We know this is a downside, but sadly we can’t do anything about it. But hey – that’s why there’s a discount!


As always, you have 14 days to return your goods, starting from the date you receive your package.


Pick the pre-order in the shop and select your desired size and colour. As long as the pre-order is available in the shop, you’ll be able to pre-order it. Once we close the pre-ordering, the product will be removed from the webshop. You can’t pre-order it by email later, but we always order extra of the pre-order for the shop and our showroom, so that it’ll be available for purchase by everyone once it’s in stock.

If you’ve pre-ordered, we’ll be in touch if there are any delays. We’ll send you the product(s) as soon as we receive them. You will be charged when the pre-order is in production – and as usual, you have 14 days to return your goods, starting from the date you receive them.

Don’ forget, that the pre-order has to be an order on its own. If you wish to order more from our webshop, it will have to be on a seperate order from the pre-order. 

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Ecouture is a small business, but none the less, we’ve become one of the biggest Danish clothing brands on Facebook! We think that this is due to the fact, that we’ve chosen to walk down our own path. We turned everything upside down and followed our gut feeling, which turned out to be a clever decision. Ecouture is now solely a web-based brand. We know that Ecouture’s customers are very enthusiastic about and happy with our clothes – and we wanted to build on that. That’s why we ditched the retail sales to shops and decided to only sell our clothes in our webshop and in our showroom in the heart of Copenhagen.

Through the eyes of the fashion industry our strategy is very atypical, but in reality, we’ve actually made the workflow smoother and more profitable for everyone. We’re no longer slaves to the traditional industry demands about producing two annual collections, selling via agents and fairs, fighting for shelf space in stores and having a hopelessly big stock, which we have to put on sale – something that would kill our business’s entire liquidity.

Instead of designing collections, we produce on-going throughout the year. There are lots of benefits to that! One of the biggest advantages is, that we can produce styles in those eight-nine months of the year, where our dressmakers aren’t insanely busy due to fairs, and we actually achieve an even better result from them because of it! This is sustainable for our dressmakers. Another advantage is that we can offer a more personal service.

As a web-based brand, it’s important that we keep bringing new products to you every now and then. That’s partly why we’ve launched the concept of Design of the Month – and actually it’s the only time you can achieve a discount at Ecouture, as we pride ourselves on never having sales.

We focus a great deal on adding a personal twist to everything and we try to be as open about all our processes as we can, and tell you how far along we are in our production. The consumer isn’t just invited in to shop the clothes, but to partake in an entire online universe. We share our own passions and thoughts. We listen, and we gladly receive input as well as criticism. Ecouture views it as a privilege, to be able to draw upon the women that actually wear our designs for inspiration and ideas. We appreciate the dialogue with our customers, and everyone can expect a response and an answer to their comments and questions.